Rep. Justine Caldwell (Democrat District 30, East Greenwich)

Justine Caldwell voted for a new anti-biz sales tax on software as a service. RI is already 50th in business according to CNBC!

Justine Caldwell voted to irresponsibly spend your tax-dollars in the ever-increasing state budget. This black hole of spending has to be cut back. 

Justine Caldwell voted for unrestricted abortions until the second of birth. The vast majority of Rhode Islanders opposed this heinous bill.

Justine Caldwell voted to freeze teacher & municipal employee contracts during negotiations. This means BIG union benefits and your PROPERTY TAXES go up and up!

Justine Caldwell voted to create a big-brother style database for the personal health records of Rhode Island adults!

Justine Caldwell voted to create a special “Green" license for "sustainable" businesses, directly from the progressive land of make believe.

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