Senator Jeanine Calkin

Sen. Jeanine Calkin Cheat Sheet (Warwick, District 30)

Endorsed by Working Families RI, a radical-left, socialist outfit funded by out of state special interest groups.  Also endorsed in 2018 by RI Progressive Democrats of America.  Elected to Senate District 30 (Warwick) on November 8, 2016. Senator Calkin rated a disappointing -15 (negative fifteen) on the Gaspee Project's 2018 Whipple Freedom Index.

Special Interest Campaign contributions:
> Received $2,000 total from RI Progressive Democrats of America.
> A darling of Planned Parenthood; received $5,138.05 through 2/1/2018 in Independent Expenditures from Planned Parenthood RI.

Far left legislative record:
​In announcing her candidacy two years ago, state Senator Jeanine Calkin correctly lamented "the diminishing of the middle class" and pointed out that good paying jobs are hard to find in our state. 

Yet once elected to the General Assembly, the senator confirmed that her real allegiance lies not with the middle class or, indeed, with any Rhode Islander but with a costly, unrealistic, very damaging political agenda - progressivism - straight from a world of make-believe. 

Legislative Record Exposed Senator Calkin expressed concern for the "diminishing" middle class. Yet contrary to her words, the senator championed measures that would seriously burden rather than boost the middle class: 

> She sponsored new health insurance mandates that would further drive up everyone's already high premiums. S2233, S2545, S2757. (Click here to see the analysis by the Rhode Island Center for Freedom and Prosperity that directly connects extensive insurance mandates to high premiums.) 

> She sponsored a Single-Payer Healthcare plan. A progressive Economist estimated at $3.7 - $5.4 Billion in New Costs on Rhode Island households, businesses, and ratepayers. (S2237) 

> Perhaps worst of all, the senator vigorously worked in numerous ways to increase the already high price that Rhode Islanders pay to heat their homes, turn on the lights and drive their cars: 

- she sponsored a bill to impose a carbon tax on the state that will raise your electricity bill - as though it would accomplish anything other than make Rhode Islanders' cost of living even higher; S2188 
- she pushed for onerous mandates on the construction of new power plants which, if any company was even able to construct a plant with such expensive requirements, would inexorably drive up our already high electric bills (S2905, S2508 & S2054); 
- she sponsored a "Global Warming" bill that would have compelled Rhode Islanders to engage in a completely futile crusade against a natural phenomenon via a highly intrusive and exorbitantly expensive initiative to reduce the state's greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by 2050 to fight global warming (S2747). 

With regard to good-paying jobs that the senator wrings her hand over, Senator Calkin's legislative actions reveal that she believes "you didn't build that" and that businesses can be made to produce good-paying jobs at the command of government mandates. The opposite is true, of course and this detachment from reality would explain her legislative actions in advocating for measures that would actually quell good-paying jobs: 

> Bills to increase both the minimum wage and the tipped-based minimum wage (S2244 & S2476) - only in a make-believe world would someone pretend to believe that wages can be raised simply by a government mandate. 

> A bill to end employment at will and open employers up to unjustified legal jeopardy give employees considerably expanded legal grounds to sue employers for "wrongful" termination, S2265 - similarly, only in a world of make-believe would businesses flourish in an environment that is actively hostile to them. 

> The senator also worked to create serious new financial burdens for businesses (and all Rhode Islanders) via numerous initiatives to raise the already high cost of electricity (S2905, S2508, S2054, S2747). 

Rhode Islanders deserve to be represented by elected officials who put the people's interests ahead of a completely unrealistic, out-of-touch, very damaging political agenda - progressivism - straight from a world of make-believe. Senator Calkin has decisively shown that her priority is this agenda over the best interest of the people of Rhode Island. Many of the bills that the senator sponsored, fortunately, did not pass into law. But if she is re-elected, she will continue to advance this costly, damaging agenda - an agenda that would cost all residents of the state dearly. ​

2017 Bad Bills she voted for:

S0290 Mandated Paid Leave (Co-Sponsored);
H5593 Perpetual Contracts;
S0896 Expanded disability pensions;
H5274 Extends Renewable Energy Growth Program by 10 years.

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