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Support Leadership acting as a FIREWALL against the Progressive-left agenda! The Speaker of the House and the President of the Senate are under attack by far-left lawmakers who want to advance their progressive-socialist agenda. This would mean even more trouble for Rhode Island's already overly-regulated business sector, and would mean even fewer good-paying jobs for taxpayers.

Urge your lawmakers to hold leadership to their word and be a FIREWALL against the progressive agenda ... and to vote against any legislation that would place further burdens on employers in our state, which ranks 47th on the national Jobs & Opportunity Index.

We've made it easy for you to stand up against the progressive threat! Just fill out the form and click the NEXT button. Make SURE TO HIT THE  SUBMIT BUTTON. The form may take a moment to load. Now is the time to send a powerful message to your State Representative and Senator... they will listen!

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