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Part of Gaspee's mission is to inform voters about important policy issues and the performance of lawmakers. For the ratings of all RI legislators, please visit Below you find samples from our campaigns.






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  • anonymous anonymous
    They tell you it cost $100. per truck to drive over the George Washington Bridge, but do not tell you that truckers avoid buying fuel in N.Y. in protest, which costs the state much more than the income from that toll. A truck toll would make the price of all goods for everyone go up, so it would have been better and brought in money immediately if they
  • Dorothy schroeder
    Our present arrangement of teaching method is workforce driven and takes after a settled educational programs. The normal instructor accept that there is one right answer and that (s)he knows the appropriate response. It is the uncommon educator who can encourage instead of instruct, to sustain as opposed to lecture and to bolster understudies who stray from the well-trodden way looking for innovative approaches to learn.
  • John Reynolds
    I live in District 70, Jay Edwards is the incumbent running unopposed, he’s known to have voted YES for tolls, and to be linked with Gallison, I don’t want to vote for him, do I have any other option, or can I choose to just NOT vote for that seat??
  • Mike Stenhouse