A Radical Method of Persuading People from Justine Caldwell

Local veteran Charles Callanan found the behavior of state Progressive Democrat Representative Justine Caldwell (District 30, East Greenwich, West Greenwich) during East Greenwich Veterans Day activities so objectionable that he went home and wrote about the incident:

I witnessed our own state representative Justine Caldwell trying to have a conversation with Town Council President Mark Schwager during the national anthem. He had the dignity not to respond. Not everybody had their hands on their hearts.

Ironically, Caldwell had been quoted earlier in the long weekend, by Rhode Island Public's Radio reporter Ian Donnis, insisting on the importance of fighting "for our principles while simultaneously listening to, engaging, respecting, and trying to persuade people on the other side."  Mr. Callanan apparently didn't feel very respected.  As for listening to people on the "other side," apart from talking during the anthem, Caldwell spent the parade "catching up" with fellow Democrat, Secretary of State Nellie Gorbea.

Justine Caldwell's rhetoric is of questionable sincerity, however.  Here she is applauding the spouse of presidential candidate Peter Buttigieg for reminding her "daily that you just never have to engage with the haters." 

"Hater" can quickly become a label that progressives stick on anybody with whom they don't want to engage --- sometimes because they find their ideas hard to take and sometimes because they find those ideas a bit too persuasive to deserve an audience.

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  • Justin Katz