Battle of the Terribles in the State Democrat Party

Sometimes it's difficult to know for whom to root in political contests.  Take the attacks of RI Political Cooperative co-founder Melanie DuPont on the state party's new bylaws: 

When asked if she thought the Bylaws were sexist or misogynist, DuPont replied, “They are. As well as racist, homophobic, transphobic, ableist, and anti-veteran. They run counter to the values published by the National Democratic Party. Tom Perez (Chair of the Democratic National Committee) should be very concerned about Party corruption in Little Rhody.” 

Wow!  We all knew the Democrat Party in Rhode Island was bad, but DuPont's litany of -isms and -ics brings things to another level.  Or maybe...

... maybe she's evidence of a problem, herself.  After all, from a certain perspective members of the party --- while perhaps misguided in some ways --- are just Rhode Islanders trying to do things to make their state a better place.  And here comes this upstart with a rhetorical shotgun blast calling her fellow Ocean Staters all the worst names in the progressive arsenal.

To progressives, words like "racist" aren't just adjectives.  They aren't even just insults.  They're something more like occult runes meant to transform people into wretched creatures from whom all right-thinking people turn away in disgust. 

In this case, they're also meant to make tyrannical phrases visible in the party's new bylaws that mortal eyes cannot see upon a straight reading.  As DuPont says:

You can see it in the Bylaws: they want our silence, our obedience, and our free labor. In exchange, they offer scorn, ridicule, and oppression.

And if you can't see it, you must not have had the scales removed from your eyes by induction into the cult.

It's hard to have sympathy for the Rhode Island Democrat Party, though.  These are demons they summoned deliberately, thinking they would help to make the blue dominion over this world --- or at least this state --- total.

Instead, they have flow to the Political Coop and will return to roost soon enough.

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  • Justin Katz