Big $ Value of Senate District 35 to Valverde's Progressive Backers

Here's a surprising find in Rhode Island:  Since declaring for her first-ever run for office in Rhode Island, now-state Senator Bridget Valverde, a far-left progressive Democrat representing East Greenwich, North Kingstown, South Kingstown, and Narragansett, has collected a very healthy $51,661 in campaign contributions.  Not bad for a first-time candidate in relatively conservative part of the state!

The question is: Who wants her to win that badly?

A little over one-third, nearly $20,000, came from out of state.  That isn't too surprising, though, because her husband, William, is the creative director for M+R Strategic Services, a consultant company for left-wing activists.

Another 18%, or $9,506, came from left-wing and labor union PACs in Rhode Island.  That means 57% of Valvarde's haul came from beyond Rhode Island's borders or from special interests in the state.

In short, far-left activists and government labor unions wanted Valverde to win that badly.  These are the same groups that want government to assert control over citizens' lives... and to take their money.

The overlap between these groups --- and Valverde --- is evident in her campaign's expenditures.  Of $40,314 spent, $7,782 went to Checkmate Consulting Group, one of whose partners, Ray Sullivan, works with the National Education Association of Rhode Island and has ties with far-left advocacy groups.  Valverde's campaign manager was Babaak Parcham ($7,112), whose work experience spans the narrow range from progressive activist organizations like the Working Families Party to progressive candidates, such as far-left radical Aaron Regunberg.

Bridget Valverde's surprising fundraising prowess shows how progressives have built a self-reinforcing machine in the Ocean State.  Organizations (many funded ultimately with taxpayer dollars) and individuals give money to far-left candidates, who use that money to pay associates of the organizations to help them win office... which they then use to benefit the same organizations, individuals, and associates.

Repeat.  Expand.  Control.

The question is how much this machine is truly representative of the people of East Greenwich, North Kingstown, South Kingstown, and Narragansett or how much it's buying and organizing its way into power over people who aren't made aware of the scheme.

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