Can you think of a better caption for this "Angel"?

Hope & Strength? The Governor has called this communist-themed art an 'inspiring image of leadership' and a symbol of hope for our state.

Here at The Gaspee Project... we don't see it that way.

The larger issue is that this image parallels the Governor's heavy-handed, government-controlled approach to re-opening our Ocean State's economy.

The free-enterprise system, which allows businesses and employees to innovate, is the true path back to prosperity.

The portrait's official title is the "RI Angel of Hope & Strength", but we think YOU can do better. So, here's what to do:

1. Submit a better caption for XIna's poster - keep it pithy.

2. Share this page on social media.

Best caption will be announced on Friday, May 15th. Winner will receive a $100 Amazon gift card.

Make your voice heard and submit your caption today or before the submission- end-date of May 12.

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  • Mariacristina McKendall
    Comrade Gina Raimondo of the Communist Republic of Rhode Island
  • Christine MacWilliams
    Let them eat calamari…
  • John Niewiecki
    “Trap your hope and strength in chains, Rhode Island”
  • Mark Zaccaria
    Rhody, Rhody, Uber Alles!
  • Robert Wylie
    Anne the Arrogant Steals the Light of liberty
  • Terence Garvey
    You can trust me, comrades.
  • Stephen Glinick
    Gaspee Projects Much Ado About Nothing
  • Robert Wylie
    Evil Ava Usurper of the flame of Freedom
  • john cullen
    Comrades, You Vill OBEY BIG SISTER
  • Ken Connors
    Ve have vays of making you vote…
  • Justin Katz
    A Crisis to Put RI’s Hope in Chains
  • Mike Sten
    Angel of RI-pression