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Rhode Island Progressives are trying to legalize the killing of an unborn baby – for any reason – UP UNTIL BIRTH. We're calling on every citizen with a sense of human compassion in the Ocean State to mobilize and show the Rhode Island legislature this is NOT an American value.

Citizens For Life, Liberty, & The Pursuit of Happiness along with our coalition partners has set a goal to send the Rhode Island legislature FIVE THOUSANDS SIGNATURES demanding that the legislation for cold-hearted murder be STOPPED.

Please add your name TODAY to join our statewide call to the Rhode Island Legislature to STOP this murderous late-term abortion bill.

This morning, somewhere in Rhode Island a mother got to hold her baby for the first time. Under this new law, that same baby could have been legally killed just moments earlier. Let us not forget the barbaric procedure required to abort a baby so close to birth that involves crushing the skull and dismembering the body.

These are not exaggerations. These are facts. And they could soon be legal in Rhode Island, unless you take action.


Rhode Island Progressives who are scheming to pass this wicked bill ought to be permanently barred from serving in public office.

We will grieve for the thousands of innocent unborn girls and boys of Rhode Island who will perish as a result of this despicable legislation.But we won’t just grieve… As God is our witness, we will FIGHT.

Please join our statewide call to the Rhode Island Legislature to STOP this murderous late-term abortion bill.

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Use #MeStillMe on Twitter! Click here now to learn more... Then click here to send a pre-written tweet to the Governor and the Speaker to oppose the radical expansion of abortion.

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