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 The very foundation of RhodeMap RI / RI Rising and the only way such a plan can be implemented successfully is by a transfer of the property tax burden in every Rhode Island town from one group of citizens to another.

Without such a scheme, RhodeMapRI / RI Rising has no practical means of success.  Therefore, it is imperative that those in Rhode Island who believe in equality under the law and fairness among all citizens must stand up and fight now and for the foreseeable future against Bill 6107A.  

The first step in accomplishing this goal is to inform those in power and those who have the most to lose that the taxpayers in Rhode Island will not stand for such injustice.

Most local representatives and many of our General Assembly members are shockingly unaware of this major encroachment on the sovereignty of local governments.  

Click here to download a pre-written text document that can be copied and pasted into an email or letter to your representatives in the Rhode Island General Assembly and to your town council members.


If this bill becomes law, there is no question your property taxes will increase exponentially over the next few years while  your ability to locally zone your neighborhoods will be destroyed.

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