Dear Citizens of Rhode Island:

It is time to wake up!  If RhodeMap RI is accepted in only weeks, our elected officials will lose their power to make decisions on our behalf.  RhodeMap RI comes with many strings attached.   Once the money in the form of grants from, HUD, DOT, & the EPA are accepted, these federal agencies will have control of our towns, cities, and state.

It has already happened in East Greenwich, RI . . .

HUD mandated low income housing on Post Road that violated all of the Town's zoning laws.  The Town Council tried to stop it.  They were told by HUD that the town no longer had a say in the decision making process.

HUD is now in control of this project and it is violating a number of town zoning laws and ordinances.   Property values surrounding this project have plummeted by hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Home owners that can are taking their losses and moving away. 

Guess what goes with them?  The property taxes generated from those with enough security and wealth to move away, while the cost to implement the terms of the agreements made with HUD increase exponentially.  This is a recipe for disaster.

How do we pay for the increased costs and loss of revenue?  The towns and cities must raise taxes again and again, specifically your property taxes, and there is no choice due to the fact that Washington DC, not your local officials, are calling the shots.  The only people saved are those who move out early, because once your taxes start increasing and the equity you built up in your home is quickly diminished by its value being stripped away, you are stuck.

Furthermore, people in these low income units are being subsidized.  This means your taxpayer dollars are going directly to support them.  Since they do not contribute to property taxes and just receive subsidies, they are draining the system.  This does not promote economic growth, it drains the local economy and any financial security you've built for yourself and your family.

The most important factor is that unelected federal bureaucrats will be making decisions that should be left to local elected officials.

Wake up Rhode Island!  Your freedoms and security are being robbed from you far more quickly than you can possibly imagine.

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