Thank You For Telling The Speaker & The Senate President To Stay Home For The Summer And Crush The Progressive Agenda

Thank you for telling the Speaker and the Senate President to stay home for the summer, and to crush the destructive progressive agenda! Want to help even more? Donate now to the Gaspee project.

The Gaspee Project's mission is to return government to you - the people - by actively exposing progressive and liberal lawmakers who believe in the big-government and special interest status quo; and by supporting conservative and libertarian candidates who seek market-based solutions that can transform lives through economic competitiveness, educational opportunity, and individual freedom. 

Your gift can make the difference in fighting against the progressive vision in Rhode Island.

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Know that your donation to Gaspee will go directly to efforts to raise awareness about lawmakers who infringe on your rights and invade your pocket-book via tolls, high taxes, RhodeMapRI, the immoral HPV mandate, and government monopolies over schools in the Ocean State.

With our partners like StopTollsRI.comPRARI, #NoHPVmandateRI, Bright Today Educational Scholarships, our new Gaspee Self Defense Coalition ... change is coming to Rhode Island.

Join the fight by donating today!