October Radio Ads

We are in the home stretch of our last opportunity to finally change Rhode Island for the better.  Below are videos of radio ads that will be broadcast throughout the airways in Rhode Island over the next month.  These ads strike at the heart of why Rhode Island has been for decades and continues to be the worst state for businesses to grow and prosper.

The Rhode Island government seems to be immersed in:

  • Corruption
  • Waste
  • Apathy to the will of the people
  • Tolling vehicles
  • The destruction of property rights
  • Higher and higher taxes
  • Destroying people's means of retiring comfortably
  •  . . . and so much more

The Gaspee Project and our partners are making the most of every penny given to us to help save our state for our children and grandchildren. 

Please listen to these ads and share them with your friends and family all throughout social media and email:


We are not done yet and we are thousands from our fundraising goal.  Please support us today for a better tomorrow in Rhode Island!

Also, share this information as a webpage on social media and to your email contacts.

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