Gaspee Project RI fights back in 18 2016 election races

Finally, the taxpayer has a voice in Rhode Island!

Gaspee_Ackerman-merge.jpgThe status quo is being rocked by concerned and courageous citizens like you this election season.  Last week, the Gaspee Project and its partners continued the extremely important work of punishing lawmakers who defied the will of the people. We are now taking direct action against candidates and incumbents who have created Rhode Island's hostile business climate, job market, and economy.

No longer can the poor decision making of the General Assembly leadership go unnoticed.  Finally, the citizens are FIGHTING BACK.

The attack on Mia Ackerman included in this email is only one of many mailers sent to ensure voters all over Rhode Island know how their politicians are voting when they go to the polls November 8th.  Click here to download, share all over social media, and email images of the mailers we created to your friends and family.

These include, but are not limited to, attacks against:

Joe Mcnamara District 19: Warwick and Cranston

*  Mia Ackerman District 45:  Cumberland and Lincoln

*  Edith H. Ajello District 1:  East Side of Providence

Joseph S. Almeida District 12:  South Side and Washington Park in Providence

*  Lauren Carson District 75:  Newport

*  Cynthia Armour Coyne District 32:  Barrington, Bristol, and East Providence

*  Brian P. Kennedy District 38:  Hopkinton and Westerly

*  Kenneth A. Marshall District 68:  Bristol and Warren

*  Robert E. Craven Sr. District 32:  North Kingstown

*  Deborah A. Fellela District 43:  Johnston

*  Linda Finn District 72:  Middletown and Portsmouth, RI

*  Hanna M. Gallo District 27:  Cranston and West Warwick

*  Katherine S. Kazarian District 63:  East Providence

*  Ryan William Pearson District 19:  Cumberland and Lincoln

*  Lisa P. Tomasso District 29:  Coventry and West Greenwhich

*  V. Susan Sosnowski  District 37:  New Shoreham and South Kingstown

*  Patricia A. Serpa District 27:  West Warwick, Coventry and Warwick

*  Deborah Ruggiero District 74:  Jamestown and Middletown



We ask you to support our mission to stop the political elite from gaining even more power throughout our state, and return government to the people.  The failed and corrupt status quo must be held accountable on November 8, but it takes the time, money, and effort of the few who have the courage to stand and fight.  People like you.

With your donations to the Gaspee Project, we will win even more elections on November 8.

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