CONCERNED CITIZENS ALWAYS ASK - WHAT CAN WE DO TO HELP WIN ELECTIONS? The Gaspee Project is excited to announce our upcoming Get Out The Vote 2024 project, focusing on ballot harvesting to increase conservative voter turnout in key districts across Rhode Island. Recognizing the significant advantage that our opponents have gained through similar efforts, we have raised the necessary funds to develop and organize our own ballot harvesting initiatives.

The Gaspee Project is dedicated to ending the assault on Rhode Island families (#AssaultOnRIFamilies) by a government that increasingly serves a small group of corrupt insiders ... rather than the working class families in our state. 

How you can help elect Republican candidates in 2024 in Rhode Island?

Every year concerned citizens ask us "what can I do to help conservative and Republican candidates win more elections?"

This 2024 election year, The Gaspee Project is preparing to fight fire with fire ... and you can help.

We all know how Democrats have used "ballot harvesting" to gain a major advantage in recent elections. It's completely legal in Rhode Island ... and it's time our side got in the game.

Until ballot harvesting is prohibited or regulated in Rhode Island, we must become masters of this process and beat Democrats at their own game ... and do it legally!

We are recruiting a team of Personal Voting Assistants (PVAs) to encourage certain unaffiliated and registered moderates and Republicans, who normally don't vote, to cast a mail ballot this year.

Why is this important? Because many races are decided by a few dozen or a few hundred votes ... and with thousands of registered Republicans and Independents sitting out too many elections statewide, we squander any chance to turn around our failing state.

Every vote is important! The Left is actively conducting an assault on RI families and the traditional values that built this country. Every vote counts!
  • With student achievement failing miserably in our public schools, each vote for local school committee could be the difference in restoring a traditional and proven educational approach ... and away from the controversial and divisive curricula being pushed by radical woke Democrats ... and prepare our children for a bright future.
  • With property taxes way above the national average and at all-time highs, each vote for a conservative town council candidate may end up helping your family's budget.
  • With one of the worse business climates and highest energy rates among all states in America, each and every vote for a pro-taxpayer, pro-business General Assembly House or Senate candidate, may help bring more opportunity and prosperity for you and your family.
Did you know that in 2020, 42-44% of votes received by major Democrat candidates were from mail ballots ... while less than half that many were for Republican candidates?

In every election year in Rhode Island, there are numerous examples of local and state races where the Republican candidate won or lost by just a few dozen or a few hundred votes ... yet, in each of those years, thousands of registered Republicans never turned out to vote.

As a PVA, you will be assigned a detailed walking list of inconsistent voters and households to personally approach in targeted districts where a few hundred votes might make a difference - and ... and you can even earn up to $500.

The Gaspee Project has already raised the funds to hire and train PVAs and to provide them with necessary materials to be successful, including "How To" and "FAQ" e-flyers.
If you are interested in being part of Gaspee's GOTV 2024 Ballot Harvesting team ... click (HERE) for more information.

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