Attend Today's Anti-RhodeMap Hearing


It has been called the most dangerous policy agenda in Rhode Island. Now is your chance to fight back against the unelected bureaucrats. Today, at the Rhode Island State House, there will be a hearing on special legislation to exempt certain towns from the RhodeMap RI agenda. This legislation is an important first step to untangling our state from the RhodeMap RI web. Our elected official will listen when you speak out.


Hearing on Legislation against RhodeMap RI


Today, March 10th


The Rhode Island State House
Room 211

DO NOT FORGET:  Our opposition is organized and determined to destroy the American Dream by declaring war on the middle class, and more broadly on freedom in Rhode Island. Your property rights matter.

Will you stand up to the planners?

Do everything you can to get people in the room. Please help to spread the word by posting on Facebook and Twitter, making phone calls, asking your friends, family, and neighbors. A good showing makes passing legislation much easier.

Be there TODAY - Rhode Island needs YOUR help

Read more about the legislation HERE.

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