Hearing on H7833

Oppose H7833: Taking away Local City and Town Council Control & Your Liberty

Postponed from last week and now scheduled to be heard this Thursday:

Representative Shekarchi’s bill, H 7833. This bill is suspiciously and ambiguously worded.  It likely will enable unelected central planners to usurp decision-making power over your city or town council and place it into the hands of un-elected planners.

What if your city or town council, where you have a voice, loses authority over local development and zoning and gives it up to politically appointed “central planners”?

What will happen to your neighborhood?  Your home? Your taxes?

This bill fails to recognize the authority of elected council members.

This bill must be strongly opposed. Call your legislators and elected officials.  Notify city and town council members who value individual rights. Consider testifying: 

Thursday March 24, 2016

Room 101

House Committee on Municipal Government

Rise of the House (about 4:30)

Contact the bill’s sponsors:

Shekarchi ([email protected])
Costantino ([email protected])
Williams ([email protected])
Blazejewski ([email protected])
Also, Municipal Government Chairman Craven ([email protected])

Share this information with concerned family, friends, & neighbors. 


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