Rep. Jason Knight

Rep Jason Knight Cheat Sheet

Elected in November 2016 to House District 67 (Barrington and Warren).  Criminal defense attorney.  Progressive legislator endorsed by Working Families RI, a radical-left, socialist organization funded by out-of-state special interest groups. In his first term, Rep Knight allied himself against state taxpayers and residents and with a progressive caucus pushing a radical agenda that would cost RI over $6 Billion, a new 10% Payroll tax and that seeks to impose more anti-jobs mandates on RI employers.  He rated a dismal 31 (negative thirty one) on the Gaspee Project's 2018 Whipple Freedom Index.

Your Electric Bill is Not High Enough

... at least, that's what Rep Knight mistakenly believes with his vote in 2018 for H8120, which would have effectively killed the construction of all new power plants, and his vote in 2017 to extend the state's renewable energy program by ten years, compelling taxpayers to pay for politically correct but very expensive green energy sources (H5274).

Bad For Business; Bad for Job Creation

On his campaign website, Rep Knight says, "the most important job of state government is to help create the conditions for economic prosperity in Rhode Island".  Yet, amazingly, Rep Knight voted in 2017 for H5413, a smotheringly anti-business measure important to the anti-taxpayer, progressive caucus that he answers to.  This law further exacerbated the state's already bad business climate by imposing yet another burden on businesses in the form of mandated paid leave, making it even more difficult for good-paying jobs to be created in our state.

Sponsor of Radical, Single-Payer Healthcare

During the 2018 legislative session, Rep Knight co-sponsored H7285, a bill which would have implemented a radical, single-payer healthcare system. Not only would single-payer healthcare severely restrict Rhode Islanders' medical choices and lead inevitably to medical rationing, a progressive economist estimated the cost to implement in Rhode Island at $3.7 - $5.4 Billion: a patently unaffordable tab for our state's households and businesses.

2nd Amendment: Knight Worked to Erode Fundamental Right to Self-Defense

Rep Knight believes that Rhode Islanders' right of self defense needs to be restricted.  He sponsored bills (H7645, H7761, H7766, H7591) that were clear infringements of Rhode Islanders' Second Amendment right and their fundamental right of self-defense and, most disturbingly, a bill (H7763) that takes away Second Amendment rights and, literally, all of his or her firearms without a criminal conviction

The PawSox "Quick Fix": Knight Votes for Millionaires & Billionaires

On his website, Rep Knight nobly states, "We cannot succeed with ill-considered quick fixes, like the one that created the 38 Studios debacle".  Yet, remarkably, at the end of the 2018 legislative session, he voted for a "quick fix" that would almost certainly have become the next 38 Studios disaster: public participation in the construction of a new baseball stadium (H7290) to benefit the millionaire and billionaire owners of the Pawtucket Red Sox at the expense of Rhode Island taxpayers.

Whose Interest Does the Rep Truly Represent?

Rep Knight's legislative record clearly demonstrates that his allegiance lies with a progressive caucus pushing a radical agenda that would inexorably push ever more good jobs out of state and raise Rhode Island's already high cost-of-living.  He broke with his progressive principles once at the end of the 2018 session.  But it was not to stand with taxpayers or his constituents but for millionaires and billionaires.  The one group she did not represent is the only one that matters: the hard-working residents and taxpayers of his district and of Rhode Island.

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