Mobs Or Jobs?

Mobs Or Jobs? Gaspee Election Spending Asks Rhode Islanders To Make The Clear Choice

For Immediate Release: October 6, 2020

Providence, RI - The Gaspee Project, Rhode Island’s premiere conservative political advocacy organization, announced today the launch of its “It’s Time to Make the Clear Choice: Mobs or Jobs?” election spending campaign. The Gaspee Project expects to spend approximately $50,000 before the end of October on "independent expenditures" in targeted General Assembly races. 

“Businesses and families are fed up with both the entrenched political class and the extremist newcomers to the political scene,” said Clay Johnson, chairman of the nonprofit organization. “Our supporters - the builders, the caregivers, and the professionals of Rhode Island - demand a new direction for our state.” 

The expenditures (which are not coordinated with or authorized by any candidate committee) will include postcard mailers, social media, audio ads, and local print ads. Only candidates who took the Taxpayer Protection Pledge were considered for support. 

The theme of Gaspee’s campaign clearly contrasts Democrats, who are beholden to unruly and violent socialist “mobs” … vs … Republican candidates, who support the rule-of-law and a free-market approach that creates “jobs”. 


Social media ads will be launched today, while the first-round of mailers are expected to reach households later this week. 

Donations to Gaspee's campaign war-chest, along with more information on candidates, can be found at 

The Gaspee Project's mission is to return control to the people by actively opposing the state's progressive-left and special-interest public policy agenda and by advancing pro-growth and pro-taxpayer solutions that can create more and better jobs via more and better businesses.

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