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Please Give To OSTPA Now!

OSTPA Has Partnered with the Gaspee Project

At OSTPA, we believe in the Constitution, fiscal responsibility, limited local, state and federal government, regulatory restraint, a simple and equitable tax policy and free markets. Your gift will help us fight for these values in the Ocean State.

We recognize the strength of true grassroots organizing driven by a sincere desire to see Rhode Island prosper, and our belief in civic responsibility. Every dollar you donate to OSTPA through our partner the Gaspee Project will be spent to achieve these goals.

Our mission is to educate Rhode Islanders on proposed changes to public policy as put forth by the State Legislature. We analyze proposed legislation and report it to you with our weekly Legislative Alerts. We also dig deeper into some of the most important policies that affect you in our bimonthly online GoLocal Prov articles. Please give now!


Please note: Our partner, The Gaspee Project is a 501(c)4 organization and all gifts are not tax-deductible.