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Brookings= RhodeMap RI= Eminent Domain

You know about RhodeMap RI. Well, the central-planners who seek to impose a government-centric economic policy in our state have not given up!

They have recently funded a $1.3 million study by the Brookings Institution, a national left-of-center think tank, to put together a detailed plan that would advance the core philosophies of RhodeMap RI … a plan that will be disastrous for Rhode Islander families.

Your support is critical to helping our Gaspee Project amass a war chest that can be used against legislators who support related legislation! 

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This Brookings effort will lurch Rhode Island even further to the progressive left and into a massive centrally-planned economic scheme that would put more power and money into the hands of government bureaucrats, inevitably leading to more 38-Studios type special interest deals for preferred insiders.



Please note: The Gaspee Project is a 501(c)4 organization and all gifts are not tax-deductible.