Progressive Land Of Make Believe (PLOMB) awards

The Gaspee Project is seeking nominations from the public for its first-ever Progressive Land Of Make Believe (PLOMB) awards, which will be announced in the summer of 2018.

While Mr. Rogers had his train into the land of make believe, The Gaspee Project has created the PLOMB awards, which seek to honor lawmakers and public policy advocates who have demonstrated above-average levels of creative fantasy in promoting far-left progressive values that defy reality.

Nominees should be elitists who believe they are among the anointed-few who know better regarding what’s in your own best interests; elected or appointed state and local government workers, leaders of public policy advocacy groups, members of the media, or civic leaders.Special consideration will be given to individuals who have championed issues or policies that profess to impact society in make believe ways, antithetical to real world experiences and  historical lessons; who have exhibited deft proficiency in falsely claiming that they represent the views of most people; who have designed complex schemes to perpetrate fraud or deceit upon taxpayers; or who have publicly declared politically-correct, fake moral outrage.

Issues should derive from the official Progressive Values Pledge, the anti-taxpayer and anti-business pledge published by Rhode Island’s radical progressive wing. Issues may be public policies, regulations, local ordinances, grant awards, news accounts, opinion pieces, public speeches, etc. The ideal issue is one that is purported by the nominee to defy real-life America; where emotionally-desired and imagined social-equity outcomes exist only in the land of make believe, infringe upon others’ freedoms, or are in direct contrast with proven economic, scientific, and cultural tenets.

Nomination Process: The Gaspee Project will organize a committee to review PLOMB nominations submitted by the public on Nominations will be scored based on the potential public impact of the issue as well as on the level of delusion in the nominee’s arguments.

The top committee-scored nominations will be published on for a public vote in 2018 to determine the winners.

Nominations may only be submitted online and must include the following information:

  • Name and title of the individual
  • The progressive issue or policy at hand
  • A brief description (200 words or less) of the nominee’s make believe assumptions and statements in advocating for the issue
  • Links to up to 3 news accounts or other materials that document the delusions of the nominee


 Click Here Now or on the button below to submit your nomination to the PLOMB Award.