Representative Marcia Ranglin-Vassell

Did you know that Representative Marcia Ranglin-Vassell sponsored an anti-jobs bill that would mandate how employers pay workers (H7427)? This would further worsen RI's already hostile business climate! Ranglin-Vassell is a progressive-elitist, don't be fooled.  Read on below!


Rep. Marcia Ranglin-Vassell Cheat Sheet

First elected in November 2016 to House District 5 - Providence.  Teacher by profession.  Rep Ranglin-Vassell rated a dismal -29.3 (negative twenty nine point three) on the Gaspee Project's 2018 Whipple Freedom Index.

Progressive legislator who has alarmingly surrendered herself to the extremist, anti-taxpayer, anti-working family agenda pushed by both "Working Families", a radical-left, socialist organization, and the progressive caucus in the General Assembly.  So telling that Rep Ranglin-Vassell's 2016 campaign was the beneficiary of an eye-popping $40,999.80 in independent expenditures by the national arm of "Working Families" and that her campaign was endorsed by the state affiliate, "Working Families RI".  She has "repaid" this out-of-state, heavily progressive group to the acute detriment of her constituents and state taxpayers by aggressively working to advance their radical legislative agenda - one that would cost Rhode Islanders over $6 billion, take away our fundamental constitutional rights and impose even more anti-jobs mandates.  

Special Note to Public Retirees: Beware!  Rep Ranglin-Vassell tried to endanger your pension by sponsoring a bill (H8140) to compel the divestment from the state pension fund of holdings in certain politically incorrect manufacturers.  Your retirement should not be put at risk by financially illiterate, politically motivated officials bent on destabilizing the pension fund in the name of social justice.

Your Electric Bill Isn't High Enough

This apparently was Rep Ranglin-Vassell's thinking when she pushed in 2017 to raise our already high electric rates by sponsoring a bill to inflict a radical, costly and pointless carbon tax on all Rhode Island residents and businesses (H5369).

Your Property Taxes Aren't High Enough, Either

In March of this year, WalletHub rated Rhode Island's overall tax burden as fifth highest in the country.  But that was not enough for Rep Ranglin-Vassell who sponsored or voted for the following bills to put upward pressure on property taxes:

> In 2017, she voted for perpetual public contracts (H5593) - it would have put upward pressure on already high property tax bills around Rhode Island by cutting off the possibility of re-negotiating unaffordable contracts.

> In 2017, she voted to expand public disability pensions (H5601).  Thanks to Rep Ranglin Vassell and every other legislator who voted "Yea", the state's notoriously bloated public disability pensions will grow at the expense of taxpayers.

> In 2018, sponsored a bill to require all high schools in RI to install a working science laboratory.  (H7974)

> "Free" lunch for all!  Sponsored a bill in 2018 to mandate "free" lunches at all elementary and secondary schools regardless of need.  Oops, one problem - it isn't really free: local and/or state taxpayers would pay.  (H7283)


The rep mistakenly thinks she knows best how businesses should operate and presumes to dictate to them all via sponsorship of bills to add ever more burdensome regulations.  (H7427, 7629, H7115, H7636)  In fact, she is simply driving good-paying jobs out of state in furtherance of a radical agenda by further degrading the state's already hostile business climate.

Sponsor of Radical, Destructive, Single-Payer Healthcare

During the 2018 legislative session, Rep Ranglin-Vassell sponsored S2237, a bill which would have implemented a radical, single-payer healthcare system.  Not only would single-payer healthcare severely restrict Rhode Islanders' medical choices and lead inevitably to medical rationing, a liberal economist estimated the cost to implement in Rhode Island at $3.7 - $5.4 Billion: a patently unaffordable tab for our state's households and businesses.

2nd Amendment:  Worked to Erode Fundamental Right to Self-Defense

Rep Ranglin-Vassell believes that your right of self defense needs to be severely restricted.  She sponsored bills that were clear infringements of Rhode Islanders' Second Amendment right and their fundamental right of self-defense (H7763, H7645, H7761, H7762, H7957).

Ultimate Hypocrisy:  Voted for Baseball Millionaires & Billionaires

Rep Ranglin-Vassell said to GoLocalProv: "We need to cut taxes for working families and we need to raise them on the rich."  A nice sentiment.  Yet, incredibly, she did exactly the opposite by voting this year for taxpayer participation (H7290) in the construction of a new stadium for the millionaire and billionaire owners of the Pawtucket Red Sox.  Residents of Providence need to consider very carefully whether their best interests are represented by a legislator who spends most of her time energetically advancing a radical agenda to their detriment, pausing from that dubious endeavor only long enough to help the millionaire and billionaire owners of a baseball team.

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