Rep Katherine Kazarian

Representative Katherine Kazarian

Progressive legislator elected to House District 63 (East Providence) in November, 2012.  
MISSING IN ACTION!! Katherine Kazarian missed HALF of ALL floor votes in the last 2 years, 475 missed votes in all; 50% more than any other Rep. She does not deserve re-election. The citizens of East Providence have no Representative.
When she decided to show, Representative Kazarian has spent her time working against the best interest of her constituents and all Rhode Islanders by sponsoring mandates to raise Rhode Island's already sky-high health insurance rates and bills to suppress the natural rights of Rhode Islanders to defend themselves.  Even with her high absence rate, Rep Kazarian rated a dismal -30.5 (negative thirty point five) on the Gaspee Project's 2018 Whipple Freedom Index.

Rhode Island Health Insurance Premiums Aren't High Enough (So Thinks the Rep)

Most Rhode Islanders would say that their health insurance premiums are plenty high enough - and they would be right, according to GoBankingRates, which ranks RI's premiums in the top 25%.   But that's apparently not high enough for Rep Kazarian who vigorously worked in 2018 to further raise Rhode Islanders' premiums (sponsorship of H7320, H7363, H7625 and H7077).

Worked to Erode Fundamental Right to Self-Defense

Rep Kazarian believes that the right of self defense of her constituents and all Rhode Islanders needs to be severely restricted.  She sponsored bills that were clear infringements of Rhode Islanders' Second Amendment right and their fundamental right of self-defense (H7645, H7761 and H7591).

Rep Kazarian Not Acting in Best Interest of Her Constituents

Ever higher health insurance premiums and suppression of self-defense rights - these are the opposite of what is best for East Providence and all of Rhode Island.  Representative Kazarian's legislative record clearly demonstrates that she is clearly out of touch with the best interest of her constituents and all Rhode Islanders.

P.S. Our friends at StopTollsRI asked us to remind you: "Trucks Today, Cars Tomorrow" - in 2016, Rep. Kazarian voted against all Rhode Islanders by voting for truck tolls - an unnecessary, highly damaging new revenue stream passed solely to benefit a certain insatiable special interest!

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