RI Housing Gathering Data to Justify Forcing Subsidized, High Density Housing in Your Neighborhood: Take the Survey

Justifying another huge handout to the construction industry via RI Housing's CLEARLY biased survey.


RI Housing and the Office of Housing and Community Development is asking Rhode Islanders about their housing situation throughout the state.  With biased questions that only offer multiple choice answers that ignore free market solutions and most often only offer the option of picking taxpayers' pockets and/or paint local zoning laws to be either racist or discriminatory, it is clear the survey is intended to justify the next iteration of RhodeMapRI.

The unelected state planners and bureaucrats who forced RhodeMapRI on us without a vote in the General Assembly, are at it again assuming we who pay the bills are too busy to pay attention.  But the volunteers of PRARI and the most prominent defender of taxpayers and homeowners, the Gaspee Project, will not be ignored.  This is why we need you to take this survey today.

Although the planners are clearly gearing the survey to one single result, they do although offer an "other" option to their biased answers.  Here is where you can shift the results they are pushing to destroy this survey and the results that they believe will justify their efforts to push middle class Rhode Islanders out of their single family homes and into mixed use, high density housing.  Simply be honest and blunt about their questions and the options they offer as "solutions."

Take the survey today:  Rhode Island Residential Housing Survey

Those conducting this survey ARE NOT ELECTED.

The ONLY way to solve this problem is to remove from office those politicians allowing this to happen.

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