RhodeMap RI Hearings Scheduled for March 2016

Governor Raimondo Moving Full Steam Ahead With RhodeMap RI


Contrary to what Speaker Mattiello said last year, RhodeMap RI was NOT “shelved.”

This week you have another opportunity to have your voice heard at the State House as it relates to the state’s so-called Economic Development Plan.

On Tuesday, join other individuals fighting daily for our freedom in RI. Grab your like-minded friends, who still believe that we should fight against the sham plan, RhodeMap RI (aka RI Rising) and testify in the Senate Finance committee at 2:30 and the House Finance committee at the rise (about 4:30).

State House Hearings:

Senate Finance Hearing - RhodeMap RI (RI’s purported Economic Development Plan)

Tuesday, March 15
2:30 pm  Room 313

Stefan Pryor (Commerce Secretary) and Mark Muro (Brookings Institute) will present “RI Innovates: A Competitive Strategy for the Ocean State”.  This will be the specifics of the RhodeMap RI plan.  Public Testimony will be allowed.  This hearing serves to satisfy the statutory requirement for a public hearing as stipulated in 42-64.17-1.

House Finance Hearing - RhodeMap RI

Tuesday, March 15
At the rise (about 4:30) Room 35

Presumably, this hearing will duplicate the earlier Senate hearing, giving you an opportunity to testify in front of the House committee.

House Municipal Hearing - (H 7833) Local Planning Board and Zoning Authority - RhodeMap RI related. 
Alert your Town Councils 

Thursday, March 17
At the rise (about 4:30) 

This bill may provide total authority for local comprehensive plans and zoning decisions to local planning boards (unelected government officials) rather than the council. 

Senate Judiciary - Limits placed on Eminent Domain  (S2409) Tuesday, March 15

At the rise (about 4:30)
Room 310

Do you believe in property rights? Owning private property is the fundamental building block for our free-enterprise system. This bill is meant to curtail the use of eminent domain by prohibiting its use for economic development purposes.

The Green Energy Scam

Part of the RhodeMap RI plan is to invest in “green energy” because it is seen as a targeted industry for job growth, as well as a means to redistribute wealth.  For those interested in some of the damage proposed to RI’s economy with green energy bills, you should know about the following:

H 7325 - the big "green" energy bill - the Carbon Tax Bill.  This bill was heard last week. The intent of the bill is to tax the use of fossil fuels and to provide a clean energy and jobs fund (taking money from you and giving it to someone else). These taxes, like all taxes, will be passed down to the consumer in every product you purchase.

H 7815 includes wording in the legislative findings section that “electricity supplied to the state be displaced by renewable resources” handing taxpayer money to the Solyndra-like cronies who can buy influence with our politicians and in turn waste millions of your tax dollars while lining their pockets.

H 7819 entitled “The Green Buildings Act” will add more costs for public real property projects. This bill adds more projects to which the state government must adhere to green energy-type standards, thereby adding more costs to government.

H 7473 extends the Renewable Energy Growth Program.

H 7070 and S 2474 create a "green" energy revolving fund to provide capital for more “green” energy projects.

If you believe that green energy is a sham, we highly recommend reading:

The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels by Alex Epstein: http://www.moralcaseforfossilfuels.com

Summary: Many recent and upcoming bills are stripping us of our liberty. These bills are part of the Brookings Institute, RhodeMapRI/RI Rising agenda. It is NOT an American agenda. These bills are pushing the radical redistribution-of-wealth racket, the destruction of the free market, and the suffocation of individual rights. Using racist social-engineering schemes and the radical environmental agenda of sustainable development, Raimondo and her administration are fully entrenched with the statists in Washington.

RhodeMap is not shelved, it is being pushed by the Raimondo administration, as well as the General Assembly, in every aspect.

They are NOT acting in the best interest of Rhode Islanders. Join the fight to stop this radical agenda. Check out the following article in Investor’s Business Daily and enjoy the following book trailer (under 2 minutes).

Obama Administration Mandates Diversity In Suburbs  - Investor’s Business Daily http://www.investors.com/obama-hud-fair-housing-rules-mandates-neighborhood-diversity/

Equal is Unfair: America’s Misguided Fight Against Income Inequality


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