An Oath to Hold a Protest Vote

This petition expresses the serious and grave concerns Rhode Island citizens have about RhodeMap RI, the legalization of transferring development rights to government, the threat of a politically controlled state bank, and the establishment of a Rhode Island statewide property tax system.

We, the undersigned, hereby petition the Rhode Island General Assembly to introduce, support, and pass any and all legislation to end the threat of RhodeMap RI, HUD, and the legalization of the Transfer of Development Rights.  Furthermore, we, the undersigned, will proactively oppose any and all General Assembly members who attempts to create a state infrastructure bank or establish a statewide property tax system.  By signing this Petition I agree to submit my name, phone number, and email address to the Gaspee Project so that I may be notified when any such legislation is submitted to my elected officials.  I in turn agree to work and vote against any and all politicians who do not comply with the aforementioned demands.
GOAL: 10,000 signatures

Will you sign?

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