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Support John Pagliarini for Senate --- No Tolls in RI!

Donate today to Gaspee's campaign war chest to support John Pagliarini's candidacy for District 11 State Senator in a special election on January 5, 2016.

 John Pagliarini will vote AGAINST new tolls on RI highways! John's opponent, John Seveney, will NOT make that pledge.

 John Pagliarini OPPOSES RhodeMap RI! John's opponent supports federal intrusion into local sovereignty.

 John Pagliarini OPPOSES tax-breaks for crony insiders! John's opponent supports special deals for special-interest projects

By supporting Gaspee's campaing in this Senate race, and propelling John Pagliarini to victory, voters will send a clear message to other legislators that supporting new tolls on our highways is political suicide.

If John Pagliarini is not elected, tolls on your cars could be just around the corner ...

Support John Pagliarini by giving now to The Gaspee Project's Senate 11 campaign fund!


Please note: The Gaspee Project is a 501(c)4 organization and all gifts are not tax-deductible.