Rep. Serpa Ignores Mountain of Regulation and Goes After Your Rights

The press release for new legislation in the Rhode Island House infringing on Second Amendment rights says the bills will "protect public from those who possess guns illegally."  What they mean is that they're trying to disarm the public to protect us from ourselves (because they know better).  The worst of the batch comes from Democrat Representative Patricia Serpa (West Warwick, Coventry, and Warwick).

As Noah Shepardson reports on the Ocean State Current, House bill 7102 ignores the mountain of regulation that already accomplishes what Serpa claims this bill will do:

While a press release declares the intention of the bill is to “prohibit the manufacturing, importation, sale, shipment, delivery, possession, or transfer of any ghost gun or firearm that is undetectable by metal detectors commonly used at airports and public buildings, including 3D printed firearms,” the bill would actually go much farther than the statement suggests. Serpa’s legislation would ban the manufacturing and possession of homemade guns outright, even if they are in compliance with the Undetectable Firearms Act of 1988, which, again, already prohibits ownership of undetectable weapons.

The question voters in Serpa's District 27 have to ask themselves is whether she's lying or ignorant about the law and purpose of her bill.  Either should be disqualifying for somebody who wants the power to turn hobbies into crimes for political gain.

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