Sen. James Seveney

Attention East Bay! Sen. James Seveney is beholden to a progressive caucus that supports a new 10% PAYROLL Tax and seeks to impose more anti-jobs mandates on RI employers!


Sen. James Seveney Cheat Sheet (Bristol, Portsmouth, Tiverton; Senate District 11 )

Elected to Senate District 11 (Bristol, Portsmouth, Tiverton) on November 8, 2016.  Progressive legislator; endorsed by R.I. Progressive Democrats.  Retired.

In his first term, Senator Seveney worked vigorously against taxpayers by allying himself with a progressive caucus that is pushing a radical agenda that would cost RI over $6 Billion, a new 10% Payroll tax and that seeks to impose more anti-jobs mandates on RI employers.  He rated a dismal -21 (negative twenty one) on the Gaspee Project's 2018 Whipple Freedom Index.

Bad For Business; Bad for Job Creation

In 2017, Senator Seveney voted for H5413/S0290, an anti-business measure important to the anti-taxpayer, progressive caucus that he now answers to.  This law created yet another heavy burden on businesses in the form of mandated paid leave, making it even more difficult for good-paying jobs to be created in Rhode Island.  And in 2018 Senator Seveney worked to exacerbate RI's business climate by sponsoring the following bills:

> An onerous new requirement that all contractors undergo a national criminal background check including complete fingerprinting as a condition of getting licensed by the state.  In addition to imposing an onerous new regulation on an industry, it would not solve the problem of bad contractors (S2281).

> A completely unrealistic bill that would (try to) prevent commercial websites from disclosing personally identifiable information and would create right of action for violations.  Never explained by sponsors, including Senator Seveney, is how a state law could supercede national/international standards.  (S2277)

> An anti-manufacturer, anti-consumer choice bill straight out of the land of progressive-make-believe that would have established energy and water efficiency standards for certain products sold or installed in the state. The senator does not explain how a state can impose mandates on products NOT made in the state or why consumers in Rhode Island must have their choices of products arbitrarily and capriciously restricted. (S2362).

You Need to Pay Even More To Drive Your Car and Light & Heat Your Home

So believes Senator Seveney, who vigorously worked to increase the already high price that Rhode Islanders pay to drive their cars, turn on the lights and heat and cool their homes by sponsoring the following measures:

> Yet another new tax on heating oil, gasoline, propane and all petroleum products (S2188).

> An unrealistic requirement for the building of all new petroleum powered energy plants, thereby making it even more difficult and expensive to build new plants, which would mean pointlessly higher electric bills (S2054).

> Expansion of net metering which would raise everyone's electric rates.  The senator carefully fails to mention that there is a very real cost to net metering in the form of subsidies paid by all ratepayers (S2380): more net metering means even higher electric rates for all Rhode Islanders.  Maintaining allegiance and fealty to the progressive caucus at the General Assembly by voting for their radical, costly bills is far more important to the Senator than the high cost-of-living of his constituents and all Rhode Islanders.

Sponsor of Radical, Single-Payer Healthcare

During the 2018 legislative session, Senator Seveney sponsored S2237, a bill which would have implemented a radical, single-payer healthcare system.  Not only would single-payer healthcare severely restrict Rhode Islanders' medical choices and lead inevitably to medical rationing, a progressive (not conservative, not moderate) economist estimated the cost to implement in Rhode Island at $3.7 - $5.4 Billion: a completely unaffordable tab for our state's households and businesses.

Whose Interest Does the Senator Truly Represent?

We answer that and close out with yet another very telling vote by the Senator in 2018:  his "Yea" vote on H7290 in favor of taxpayer participation in the building of a
 costly new stadium for the PawSox (H7290). 

In a letter to the editor in 2016, Senator Seveney stated, "I believe in representing the interests of our hardworking families".

​​This is impossible to square with the senator's legislative record for two years, which culminated in this vote in favor of the millionaire and billionaire owners of the PawSox and very much against "the interests of our hardworking families".

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