Representative Teresa Tanzi

Teresa Tanzi's votes have betrayed her campaign promises! Tanzi supports a far-left progressive agenda that would cost RI over $6 Billion! 

Rep Teresa Tanzi Cheat Sheet (Narragansett & South Kingstown, District 34)

​​Elected to House District 34 (Narragansett and South Kingstown) in November 2010.  Endorsed by Working Families RI, a radical-left, socialist outfit funded by out of state special interest groups.  Rep Tanzi rated a dismal -29 (negative twenty nine) on the Gaspee Project's 2018 Whipple Freedom Index.

Special Note to Public Retirees: Beware!  Rep Tanzi tried to endanger your pension by sponsoring a bill (H8140) to compel the divestment from the state pension fund of holdings in certain politically incorrect manufacturers.  Your retirement should not be put at risk by financially illiterate, politically motivated officials bent on destabilizing the pension fund in the name of social justice.

Legislative Record: Higher Taxes & Hypocrisy

Fifth Highest Taxed Is Not High Enough

In March of this year, WalletHub rated Rhode Island's overall tax burden as fifth highest in the country.  But that was not enough for Rep Tanzi, who voted during the 2017 legislative session for special interest bills (H5593 & H5601) certain to put upward pressure on property taxes.

In addition to being a big fan of higher taxes and higher cost of living,  Rep Tanzi believes she has the right to dictate how you live your life because you're not doing it right and Nanny Government Knows Best.  So her sponsorship of higher taxes on sugary drinks (H7832), little cigars (H7976) and electronic nicotine-delivery systems (H8067) are a win-win from her perspective - but a lose-lose for all Rhode Islanders who must pay for her suffocating meddling.

Your Electric & Heating Bills Aren't High Enough

... at least, that's clearly what Rep Tanzi believes with her sponsorship of a bill that would have increased the already high price that Rhode Islanders pay to heat their homes, turn on the lights and drive their cars via a new "climate change" tax on all petroleum products (H7824).

RI Health Insurance Premiums Aren't High Enough (So Thinks the Rep)

Most Rhode Islanders would say that their health insurance premiums are plenty high enough - and they would be right, according to GoBankingRates, which ranks RI's premiums in the top 25%.   But that's apparently not high enough for Rep Tanzi who vigorously worked in 2018 to further raise Rhode Islanders' premiums (sponsorship of H7002, H7625, H7866 & H8083).

Vote for PawSox Stadium = Professional Grade Hypocrisy

On her campaign website, Rep Tanzi trumpets two of her legislative accomplishments as "helping to close a loophole that allowed large companies to evade paying taxes in Rhode Island, and requiring comprehensive economic development tax incentive analyses and reporting".   It also brags that "Representative Tanzi has been a leader in safeguarding the limited resources Rhode Island has for economic development by making sure new and existing tax incentives provide a benefit to the state’s economy and its residents".

Yet, this year at the end of the legislative session, she demonstrated startling hypocrisy by voting for the so-called Pawsox bill (H7290A) which funnels to the millionaire and billionaire owners of the Pawtucket Red Sox tax revenue and local taxpayer-backed bonds towards construction of a new stadium.  All objective analysis confirms this arrangement to be a complete throw in the dark in terms of how effective it will be as an economic development driver - a clear violation of the principle of demonstrated benefit that Rep Tanzi claims to demand for corporate subsidies.  And though the financial risk of default supposedly is carried entirely by the City of Pawtucket, it is openly acknowledged that state officials will not be able to resist coming to Pawtucket's aid with the state taxpayers' checkbook.  Any doubt that this will happen in the case of the new Pawtucket stadium is quickly erased with the vivid memory of the 38 Studios disaster, when state officials readily opened the state coffers to make good on a bond default situation for which the state had zero obligation.

2nd Amendment: Tanzi Worked to Erode Fundamental Right to Self-Defense

Just as Rep Tanzi believes she needs to meddle in how you live your life (because you're not doing it right), she also believes that your right of self defense needs to be restricted.  She sponsored bills that were clear infringements of Rhode Islanders' Second Amendment right and their fundamental right of self-defense:

- To revoke the state's authority over firearms and ammunition, turning control of these matters to cities & towns, most of whom would have rushed to pass ordinances to outright abolish firearms. (H7762)
- To take away a Rhode Islander's Second Amendment rights and, literally, all of their firearms without a criminal conviction. (H7763)
- To raise the age to purchase or possess a rifle or shotgun from 18 to 21 years old. (H7761)

In a 2016 interview, Rep Tanzi said,  "Because we need someone who knows when to stand up and fight, and when to quietly work the long view".  But Rep Tanzi's legislative record clearly shows that she stands up solely to meddle in Rhode Islanders' lives by raising taxes and taking away their fundamental rights and that she "works the long view" only for millionaires and billionaires.
P.S. Our friends at asked us to remind you: "Trucks Today, Cars Tomorrow" - in 2016, Rep Tanzi voted against all Rhode Islanders by voting for truck tolls - an unnecessary, highly damaging new revenue stream passed solely to benefit a certain insatiable special interest!


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