TDR (Transfer of Development Rights FEASIBILITY IN SOUTH COUNTY:  The dangerous reality of how the politicians in Rhode Island think):

1.  Pg. 16;

" In the receiving areas, a TDR program will need to provide for density increases of 50 to 100 percent: for example, a receiving area with half-acre minimum lot area requirements under existing zoning should allow 3 to 4 dwelling units per acre (whether as smaller single-family lots or in townhouse or apartment structures) with transferred development rights."

Conclusion:  Not only does the government wish to transfer the future development rights of every person in the state for every piece of property it can, it wishes to multiply that right in order to further impose high density, mixed use living conditions upon the citizens.

2.  Pg. 17;

" As noted earlier, a TDR program must encompass a significant portion of an active real estate market if it is to have a meaningful influence on development patterns."

Coupled with (further down the page):

" A TDR program would have a greater likelihood of success if it were established on a regional scale, for example, at the state or county level or through a consortium of towns."

Conclusion:  They wish to impose this upon the entire state of Rhode Island.

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