Thurs April 9: Division of Planning to speak on RhodeMap RI

Be_there_April_9.jpgKevin Flynn from the Division of Planning, to make presentation on RhodeMap RI to House Oversight Committee at the State House

Thursday April 9, 2015, Room 101 at the rise
(approximately 4:30pm)


This Thursday, Kevin Flynn will tell the House Oversight Committee about RhodeMap RI’s development, implementation and impact on local comprehensive plans.  While no public testimony will be taken at this hearing, it is an important step to show that the opposition remains strong against this Regional Plan for Sustainable Development, incredibly referred to as an Economic Development plan.

If you oppose RhodeMap RI and its underlying premise that the federal government, through HUD, should dictate what your community will look like, and if you don’t believe that the federal government’s vision should supersede your local municipality’s zoning authority, we urge you to attend this hearing. 

We also urge you to contact Chairwoman MacBeth and the other members of the House Oversight Committee with questions you would like posed to Mr. Flynn during this hearing.

The Oversight members are (right click name to copy email address):

Chairwoman MacBeth 

Rep. Carso

Rep. Chippendale

Rep. Corvese

Rep. Edwards

Rep. Handy  

Rep. Johnston 

Rep. McKiernan 

Rep. O’Brien

Rep. Palangio 

Rep. Reilly

Rep. Serpa

Rep. Slater 

Rep. Winfield 



We will keep you informed!  Hearings on legislation that seeks to defang RhodeMap RI will be coming up in the next month or two, we hope.  Four new bills were just introduced last week - H 6040, H 6041, H6042 and H 6043.  Three of these bills provide an opt out provision as it relates to affordable housing and land use elements of the state guide plan, of which, RhodeMap RI is a part.  The other bill mandates that local affordable housing program requirements cannot exceed what is already included in the state-wide plan: However, note that if your community accepts HUD money, in any form, federal law and the attendant requirements, will trump state law.

We look forward to seeing you at the Oversight hearing, Thursday April 9th!

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