First Steps to a Two-Tiered Property Tax System in RI



H 6107 is a RhodeMap RI inspired bill. Under the ruse of property tax reform this bill has the potential to destroy neighborhoods . . . unless we speak up resoundingly! (Continued . . .)


Bill # H 6107 Hearing

House Finance Committee

State House Room 35

This Monday, June 22 at 3pm


Today, residential property owners pay their municipal property taxes based on a system that assesses a hypothetical sales price to their homes.  A proposal is being made under H 6107 to give some property owners up to an 80% discount on their property taxes by assessing based on a fixed hypothetical rental formula. 

By deleting one small phrase in the tax laws, those in the new system will be shielded from the increased costs of schools, police, fire, and infrastructure.

Creating a class of residential property taxpayers who are shielded from the high cost of local government services has always been the end-game of RhodeMap RI (renamed RI Rising).

Questions abound:

  • Have the cities and towns had time to assess the long-term financial impact to their property tax base?
  • Will this set off a Constitutional crisis, in which only one set of municipal taxpayers are carrying the “fair burden” of increasing costs to pay for schools, fire, police, infrastructure, and local administration? 
  • As expansion of so-called “affordable” (taxpayer subsidized) housing is increased, due in large part to rigged incentives, will all the infrastructure costs simply be passed along to those paying the full weight of their property taxes? 
  • Will this reaffirm, to those who might bring private sector jobs to RI, that our government continues to promote stifling public policy? 

H 6107 can be viewed at:

House Bill 6107, was introduced by Representatives Gallison (D - Bristol and Portsmouth), Marshall (D – Bristol and Warren), and O`Grady (D - Lincoln and Pawtucket).  It is a RhodeMap-complicit bill that seeks to divide property taxpayers.

Take action: We need to show up, call, or write to the House Finance Committee Chair--and make our voices heard.

It is gravely urgent that we do so. It is about to become law unless we turn out in record numbers; call and write our elected officials, urging them to REJECT bill H6107. 

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