SaveUberRI: My Ride, My Way


Rhode Island lawmakers are planning to kill your hassle-free ways to travel like UBER & lyft... When will they learn we want freedom from interference so we can live our lives?



SaveUberRI.pngSaveUberRI: Sign the petition, email lawmakers, and donate now to take a stand against the RI General Assembly that does not respect your future! The Ocean State needs organic efficient solutions that create opportunity. Our communities deserve prosperity and independence. Recently, legislation that would limit convenient ride-sharing services like UBER and lyft was heard in committee. Right now, this legislation is being considered by lawmakers; we can't allow them to kill the sharing economy. 

Nick Zammarelli, a blind Coventry school teacher, testified to RI State Senators: “Uber is as close as I will ever come to your kind of independence...I don’t want to be melodramatic, but it’s changed my life."

According to research from the Rhode Island Center for Freedom & Prosperity, H8044 & S2864 are among the lowest rated bills on their 2016 Freedom Index. The Center writes, "By adding unreasonable burdens, H8044, sponsored by House Majority Whip Rep. Jay Edwards (D, Portsmouth), would impose heavy regulations and fees for transportation network companies (like Uber), including (among other things) $150 fees for each driver, unusual insurance regulations, bans against cash use, bans on driver gun licensing, and disability mandates. As seen in other states, legislation like this could force Uber or Lyft to leave the Ocean State due to government interference."


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