Say No To The Veto Override

You have the power to stop evergreen contracts. This expensive idea will cost the average family, while playing into the hands of the special interests. Why should Rhode Island taxpayers suffer while the chosen few benefit from the insider system? 

Click the link here or the button below to create a pre-written email. Simply hit send to deliver this powerful message to Speaker Mattiello. Don't delay, act now. The Speaker will listen to you!

Subject: Say No To Overriding The Gov's Veto On Evergreen Contracts


Dear Speaker Mattiello,

I oppose evergreen contracts. This pro-union measure will drive up property taxes for average families and businesses across our state - taxes that we cannot afford. 

The Rhode Island Center for Freedom & Prosperity has tagged this legislation with the worst possible rating on their annual Freedom Index. 

Please, do not seek to override the Governor's Veto on this symbolic issue.  Show us that taxpayers are not the forgotten men and women of Rhode Island. Show us that you will not always bend over backward to serve the special interest insiders.

I am a supporter of the Gaspee Project ... and I will remember next November.

Thank you. 


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