What the RI Division of Planning HAS NOT TOLD YOU about RhodeMap RI

maze_by_imooty_of_flckr.jpgRhodeMap RI critic, Gary Morse, will connect the dots from RhodeMap RI to the new HUD enforcement rules -
and will show how this will result in the loss of local zoning control.
How will RhodeMap RI impact your local property taxes, your home valuation? 
What is Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH)?  How is it different from Affordable Housing? 
Can your local officials guarantee HUD will not aggressively pursue enforcement of Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing(AFFH)? 
Will the state assume all responsibility?  
Have your local officials received a risk assessment from legal counsel?
Q &A following the presentation.
Thursday February 19, 2015  7:00-9:30pm
Richmond Community Center (above the police station)
1168 Main Street, Wyoming, RI 02898
Come join us, and bring anyone you know who is not aware of RhodeMap RI, or who is interested in becoming more informed!
Gary Morse has new information to present and distribute.
Providence Journal OpEd by Gary Morse (Tuesday, February 10, 2015): State Needs Some Straight Answers on RhodeMap RI

And it's worth repeating: 

PRARI has spent the last 3 months laying out our own RhodeMap leading to the conclusion:  RhodeMap RI is perhaps the single most damaging policy to be imposed on Rhode Islanders in recent history.

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