The Gaspee Project: Returning Government To You


The Gaspee Project's mission is to return government to you - the people - by actively opposing the special interest public policy and advancing market-based solutions that can transform lives through economic competitiveness, educational opportunity, and individual freedom. At the Gaspee Project, it is our duty to punish lawmakers who ignore the voice of the people. 


Currently, Gaspee is asking you to JOIN our growing online community in support of:

  • Ending RhodeMap RI - A centralized, top-down socialist plan that will infringe on private property rights and threaten the sovereignty of your locally elected government. PRARI fights for you.
  • Advancing Educational Choice - The Bright Today campaign will empower parents to choose the best educational path for their children, when their zip code assigned school does not meet their children's needs.
  • Exposing Legislator Support For Tolls - You know it's ‘Trucks Today, Cars Tomorrow.’ created a wave of opposition to tolls. We call out the legislators who voted for tolls, and will put their challengers on the record.
  • Saying No to the HPV Mandate - We stand against bypassing parental rights in RI. We will reverse the HPV Vaccine Mandate, & advocate for informed consent. Private family choices, that don't impact school, must be respected! 
  • The Incorruptible Voice Of The Business Community - The mission of the Gaspee Business Network (GBN) is to build a durable, potent, consistent, and incorruptible voice for the Rhode Island business community.

When spoken in unison with others, your voice can carry significant weight. Please express your voice today by joining and taking action to contact your legislators and/or supporting our top initiatives.

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