The Gaspee Project: Returning Control To You

Are you fed up with Rhode Island's political elite? The Gaspee Project's mission is to return control of your lives to you - the people - by actively opposing the progressive and special-interest public policy agenda and by advancing pro-growth solutions that can create more and better jobs via more and better businesses. At the Gaspee Project, it is our duty to hold accountable lawmakers who ignore your best interests. 


Currently, Gaspee is asking you to JOIN our growing online community in support of:

  • Ending the radical-left "Progressive" agenda - An elitist government-centric approach that will raise your taxes, increase regulatory burdens on business, and infringe on your private property rights.
  • Advancing Educational Choice - The Bright Today campaign will empower parents to choose the best educational path for their children, when their zip code assigned school does not meet their children's needs.
  • Protecting your right to Self-Defense: The Rhode Island Self-Defense Alliance’s sole mission is to remove from office all proven enemies of the Second Amendment  in Rhode Island.
  • Saying No to the HPV Mandate - We plan to repeal this intrusion on parental rights in RI. We will reverse the HPV Vaccine Mandate, & advocate for informed consent. Private family choices, that don't impact school, must be respected! 
  • The Incorruptible Voice Of The Business Community - The mission of the Gaspee Business Network (GBN) is to build a durable, potent, consistent, and incorruptible voice for the Rhode Island business community.

When spoken in unison with others, your voice can carry significant weight. Please express your voice today by joining and taking action to contact your legislators and/or supporting our top initiatives.

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    Are you FED-UP with our Ocean State's hard-turn to the progressive-leftMore special deals handed out to insider unions. More corporate welfare for connected insiders. And then they ask us to pay for it by imposing new Internet taxes on all of us.

    Rhode Islanders continue to flee our state because of a hostile tax and business climate, including the WORST state business climate in AMERICA! 

     We are not going to change the POLICIES until we change the PLAYERS!

    Join The Gaspee Project today and help us hold lawmakers accountable for their failed record.

    Join the Gaspee Project's #FedUpRI movement now!