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Stop Tolls RI  

Trucks Today, Cars Tomorrow.  


Help build Gaspee's war-chest to raise public awareness about how tolls will result in higher product costs for all Rhode Islanders, and so that we have funds to use in the 2016 elections against lawmakers who support support this new cost to Ocean State families and businesses:

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  • They tell you it cost $100. per truck to drive over the George Washington Bridge, but do not tell you that truckers avoid buying fuel in N.Y. in protest, which costs the state much more than the income from that toll. A truck toll would make the price of all goods for everyone go up, so it would have been better and brought in money immediately if they had just raised to tax on fuel. If R.I. put all of the federal funds sent to R.I. for the highway funds and all that fuel tax money into the highway fund instead of dumping it into the “general fund”, and spending it on things that have nothing to do with it’s intended purpose—the highways and bridges would be just fine.What a scam!
  • Google “Annual Highway Report” by the Reason Foundation. Read it and you would not trust the DOT to fill a pothole. RI has 1,099 state highway miles and 2,887 “lane-miles”. We spend (Page 27) between Road & Bridge, Maintenance and administrative disbursements, over $533,000 per state controlled mile!! Only three states spend more, Florida, Massachusetts and New Jersey. Even Connecticut is “only” $470,000 per state controlled mile.

    Notice also on Page 22, most states with higher Administrative costs per mile are huge liberal states – MA, NY, MD, CA, NJ. The only exception is Florida.