A Better Education TODAY for Rhode Island Children


BRIGHT TODAY Educational Opportunities for all Rhode Island Children 

Because no child should have to wait for tomorrow's reform promises.

No one will care more for a child's future than their parents, the deserve a choice!

Join the movement today at BrightToday.org!

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  • Jimmy Bond
    The better education system has broad investigation worked in, monitoring perspectives, top choices, and ratings of all your most loved assets.
  • Benson Gitau
    I believe the education system should be the most revolutionary sector. If a child doesn’t get the best education, they will never be in that again. It is gone forever. Other things can wait but children are growing every day and they cannot wait.
  • David Burns
    Rhode Island’s Child Opportunity Zones are a full administration group school model of school-connected family focuses that bring schools, families and groups together to advance accomplishment in school for all youngsters and youth. COZs are inviting spots in or close schools where families can get to training, well being and social administration projects.
  • Ellie Grace
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