Charlie Gard Type Death Panels Will Plague Rhode Island Parents if Government-Controlled Health Care Bill Passes

Stop Charlie Gard type DEATH PANELS!

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Charlie6.pngChris Gard and Connie Yates were blessed with a healthy baby, Charlie, on August 4, 2016. Eight weeks later, he was rushed to a London hospital. Charlie was diagnosed with a rare and life-threatening condition known as mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome.

Devastated, Chris and Connie looked for a solution to save their child’s life. There was a potential miracle treatment available, here, in the United States.

But, despite their efforts and world outcry, the government-controlled British health care system denied potentially life-saving treatment for little Charlie.

Government-controlled health care will lead to Charlie Gard type nightmares for Rhode Island parents.

In 2017, Rep. Aaron Regunberg and other progressive-left politicians have already sponsored legislation (H5069) that seeks to establish a radical, single-payer health care system here in the Ocean State - a system that does not care about parental rights, the protection of life, or our religious rights.

Charlie Gard’s right to life and his parents’ rights were trampled. Rhode Island families must not suffer from this same insensitivity!

“Mummy and Daddy love you so much Charlie, we always have and we always will and we are so sorry that we couldn't save you.” - Connie Yates, Charlie’s mother.

Sign the petition now if you oppose government-controlled health care … and if you choose to make your family’s own life-saving medical decisions.

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  • Sarah Smith
  • ronald nagel
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  • Ania & Michael Cardarelli
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  • Phyllis Stenhouse
  • Dennis Allen
    The liberal/progressive intentions are to complicate a message of hope to felon Americans by saying “keep paying insurance companies to provide healthcare” Another big lie. The false message will slow government to take over healthcare.

    Americans will insist on keeping the ACA in fear of loosing it. Distortion and lies.

    The evil government needs to get out of out medical care ! Buchanan of dummy politicians that insist that the working woman and man pay for the lazy.

    We need a safety net but not a method to steel our children’s future.

    Please Jesus guide and protect our freedom through this program and list of signatures.

    How did our States population lose sight of this evil RI government and reflect over and over!

    Peace to you and the government will tell you what you need to live free and You will pay a great price for dumb and dimmer?
  • Shawn Driscoll
  • Edward Oneill
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    Albert M Romanowicz
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  • Ulysse Lichty (Chip)
    Our General Assembly is a mess with to many idiots in it. All they want is control and the hell with the constituents. Hopefully 2018 we will vote these maggots out once and for all
  • Paula Calenda
  • Claudia Chiaradio
  • Nelson Wainright
    Death panels are rightly solely conducted by private, for-profit insurance companies.
  • Peter Hewett
    Peter and Eileen Hewett -The last thing we need in Rhode Island or the nation is for the government to be in total control of my family’s health care. I strongly oppose any state legislation that would seek to establish and impose of the citizenry a single payer government controlled health care system. Competition among insurers is the best and most efficient and effective manner of controlling the costs of health care – period!
  • Joseph L Orlando
  • Lisa Morse
  • Robert Wotherspoon
  • Frank DiPietro