Attention Rhode Islanders: The Gaspee Project is dedicated to ending the assault on RI families by our own government. As the voice of working-class families and small businesses, we are standing up against Rhode Island’s ruling class, which has consistently pushed forward extremist policies that jeopardize the prosperity and security of families across the Ocean State. These policies, driven by a small group of corrupt insiders, prioritize their own interests over the needs and values of hardworking Rhode Islanders.

It's time to question whether our own government has become the enemy of the people. The impact of these misguided policies is undeniable—while the insiders reap the benefits, ordinary families are left to suffer.

The Gaspee Project is committed to exposing this corruption and advocating for a government that genuinely serves 'we the people'.

The Gaspee Project has reorganized! 

1. The Gaspee Project is now the Ocean State's premiere defender of 2nd Amendment Rights and your right to defend your family. Be on the lookout for a media release about our new RI Guardians of Conservation & Arms initiative. Donate today to support our advocacy.

2. CONCERNED CITIZENS ALWAYS ASK - WHAT CAN WE DO TO HELP WIN ELECTIONS? Seeking to fight fire with fire and to counter a major Democrat advantage - The Gaspee Project has raised the funds to develop and organize our own ballot harvesting campaigns in select districts across our state. If you are interested in supporting this effort, either donate today ... or ask about paid and volunteer opportunities to help get out the vote, by emailing us at [email protected]