The Gaspee Project advises eligible voters in Rhode Island's First Congressional District to vote for a moderate or conservative candidate in the September 5 Democrat primary.

If you are a registered Republican, you are encouraged to take immediate action to DISAFFILIATE and CROSS-OVER to vote in the Democrat primary, to ensure that yet another woke progressive IS NOT SENT TO DC to represent our state.

Click here on how to check your official voter status and to disaffiliate.

When it comes to which candidates might be worth of your cross-over vote, below are the Gaspee Project's initial candidate rankings, based on early and spotty information on each announced candidate. Check back often as our rankings and recommendations may change as we learn more about the candidates and their policy positions.

As of July 1, the Gaspee Project recommends ALLEN WATERS as the most worthy candidate of your cross-over vote.

Gaspee's RI CD-1 candidate rankings as of September 3, 2023:


ALLEN WATERS, (A-) investment consultant, Republican nominee for this district in 2022 and for U.S. Senate in 2020

Black Conservative: Only Dem candidate to sign the "No Tax Pledge"; pro life, pro 2A, pro school choice and parental rights supporter; no elected experience

SPENCER DICKINSON (C+), a builder and army veteran with a long history in practical renewable energy construction and legislative experience

Moderate: a Kennedy-type Democrat, centrist on social issues, believes in funding pension systems without any details on how to fund them (taxing/borrowing)

STEPHANIE BEAUTÉ (C), insurance software executive and candidate for Rhode Island Secretary of State in 2022

Liberal: Election Suppression believer, believes in STEM education, woman of faith, pro choice

WALTER BERBRICK (C), former Naval War College professor

Moderate: Pro military, Navy Veteran, pro choice and climate change extremist

SANDRA CANO (D-), state senator from the 8th district (2019–present)

Woke Liberal: climate change and gun control radical; pro choice, 

STEPHEN CASEY (changed to a D, from a B with anti-life flip-flop), state representative from the 50th district (2013–present)

Moderate: pro 2A, flip-flopped on the life question, anti school choice, strong union supporter

JOHN GONCALVES (D-), Providence city councilor

Woke Progressive: Climate change extremist, social justice radical, favors taxpayer funding of abortions

GABE AMO (D-), former deputy director of the White House Office of Intergovernmental Affairs (2021–2023)

Overt supporter of Joe Biden & David Cicilline, believer in right-wing hate; anti 2A, pro choice and climate change radical

ANA QUEZADA (F), state senator from the 2nd district (2017–present)

Extreme Woke Progressive; pro choice radical

SABINA MATOS (F-), Lieutenant Governor of Rhode Island (2021–present)

Extreme Woke Progressive, underhanded tactics, anti 2A, pro choice at anytime, refused to debate in 2022 elections

AARON REGUNBERG (F-), former state representative from the 4th district (2015–2019) and candidate for Lieutenant Governor of Rhode Island in 2018

Extreme Woke Progressive: pro choice radical, anti 2A, anti school choice, political hypocrite

(DROPPED OUT, 8/29/23) DONALD CARLSON (D-), senior executive director of the Tsai Leadership Program at Yale Law School and former aide to then-U.S. Representative Joe Kennedy

Extreme Liberal: anti 2A supports Cicilline gun control measures, climate change alarmist, racial and social justice radical

(DID NOT QUALIFY FOR BALLOT) MARVIN ABNEY (C), state representative from the 73rd district (2013–present), Army veteran

Liberal: pro choice, moderate fiscal positions

(WITHDREW) NICK AUTIELLO (D+), ESG consultant and former special advisor to then-Governor Gina Raimondo

Woke Liberal: Climate change extremist, anti 2A supports Cicilline gun control measures, anti Electoral College, pro choice radical ... but at least talks about economic growth and protecting rights


Liberal: supports big government health care and climate change policies


No available information