Is Murray Really Representing Woonsocket and North Smithfield?

There are two ways in which the answer to the question of that title should be "No!"  First, the far-left progressive Democrat is more radical than other election results in the communities she represents.  Second, she votes nearly in complete lock-step with Senate leadership when it matters.

Do you agree with Senate leaders nearly 100% of the time?

Especially in North Smithfield, but in Woonsocket, too, Republicans and moderate-Democrats are better represented, overall, than elsewhere in the state.  More-progressive Democrats in statewide offices don't do as well in these communities, even when they win the state overall.

In fact, Murray replaced retiring Democrat Senator Marc Cote, whose voting record was one of the most moderate in his party.  By contrast, Murray's voting record is one of the worst, which means it's one of the most radical.

On her campaign materials, Melissa Murray claims to be reasonable and says she wants to make sure she's responding to her constituents' needs, but she voted right along with legislative leaders on almost every bill that the RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity thought was worth grading last year.  This means she voted for Internet sales taxes, radical abortion, costly wish-list items for labor unions, and loss of your freedom in general.

The only exception was her "no" vote on a bill to create an online database of animal abusers.  Even if you think that was the right way to go, you have to wonder why the only time she didn't vote "yes" on an important bill put in front of her was when voting "no" protected people convicted of hurting vulnerable animals.

The silver lining, this year, is that Murray missed a day of votes that might appear on the vote index.  Come November, voters in Woonsocket and North Smithfield should ask themselves whether they want a senator who represents them better when she doesn't show up.

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