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The Gaspee Project Enlists Steve Laffey, former Cranston Mayor, for Campaign Ad Blitz Finale

For Immediate Release: October 26, 2020

Providence, RI- Steve Laffey, the former Mayor of Cranston, has volunteered his time and voice to bolster an ad blitz for The Gaspee Project in the final week of the 2020 campaign season.

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Laffey’s has recorded a radio spot and multiple robo-call ads that will run this week in support of 8 General Assembly candidates and the Republican party. In the spots, Laffey stresses how the Democrat party is no longer the party of JFK and has been taken-over by radical-left mobs, while the Republican party is still the party of Lincoln and stands for common-sense, pro-jobs policies. 

Also this week, a second round of mailers, social media ads, and print ads by Gaspee are expected to run, which in combination with previous Gaspee election materials, will reach almost one-hundred thousand households, social media accounts, print ad readers, and radio listeners. 

“It is great to have Mayor Laffey, in his unique and indomitable style, raising awareness about Republican candidates, who are actually looking out for the budgets of families and small businesses, as opposed to the special-interest agenda of the Democrats,” said Clay Johnson, Gaspee’s chairman. 

The Gaspee Project's mission is to return control to the people by actively opposing the state's progressive-left and special-interest public policy agenda and by advancing pro-growth and pro-taxpayer solutions that can create more and better jobs via more and better businesses.

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