RhodeMap RI's Assaut on the American Dream

I am very concerned about the RI Division of Planning's RhodeMap RI "economic development plan," particularly the language surrounding our local zoning requirements found in the document. 

According to the plan, "the widespread dominance of single family homes played an enormous role in creating an income and equity gradient " in Rhode Island that resulted in a "pattern of segregation" of "predominantly people of color" throughout our state.

Do you agree with this conclusion by the Division of Planning;  that because many of us have achieved the American Dream by owning our own home coupled with our zoning laws, we have willfully selected certain people of particular identities and segregated them from others?

I find this to be a huge insult to all citizens of Rhode Island.  Our ability to plan and zone our communities has never been based upon any particular demographic.  If you disagree with this conclusion, I would respectfully ask that you prove me and my neighbors are somehow intending to segregate others in our society.

It is evident to any objective person that the RhodeMap RI plan is nothing more than an attempt to take the rights of every community in order to impose the obviously misguided and ignorant view of a few people.

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