On The Record On TCI

Legislation is expected this spring to impose a TCI Gas Tax on RI motorists that is openly designed to make gasoline so expensive that you will use less of it. Driving cars and trucks is not a sin!

RI lawmakers are asked to go "On The Record" to state their support or opposition to the Transportation & Climate Initiative (TCI).

Lawmakers can make their “support” or “oppose” positions known in one of three ways:

  1. Send an email stating their position from their official General Assembly email address to [email protected]
  2. Send a Tweet to @GaspeeProjectRI
  3. Comment on the Gaspee Project Facebook post at https://www.facebook.com/GaspeeProjectRI

If your state Senator or Representative has not yet taken a position on TCI, you are encouraged to contact them and insist they make their position public. You can learn more about TCI at RIFreedom.org/NoTCItax.