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Become a monthly supporter in the battle against RhodeMap RI!

As you already know, RhodeMap RI represents a high-handed government policy to push aside the rights of single-family homeowners.

Rhode Island is the only state to take the Obama Administration up on its plan to push for ‘sustainable development.’

You are not a guinea pig for bureaucratic meddling.  That is where the Gaspee Project comes in.  We have partnered with the activists in PRARI (Property Rights Alliance of Rhode Island) to stop the RhodeMap scheme.  Our job is to provide the infrastructure, so that you, the activist, can focus on being where the action is – at the hearings, in the town council meetings, and organizing grass roots efforts.

So, we are fundraising dedicated dollars to support PRARI.

Join us in supporting an infrastructure that will make PRARI’s efforts more effective.  We encourage you to consider a monthly donation to fuel this movement.  And in honor of our eponym, Gaspee, consider a monthly donation of $17.72 – as in June 9, 1772.  This is the day the Sons of Liberty confronted the overreach of British Empire and struck America’s “First Blow for Freedom.”

$  5.00 / month

$ 10.00 / month

$ 17.72 / month (A blow for freedom)

$100.00 / month

$other  / month

Join us and many of our fellow Rhode Islanders, in supporting The Gaspee Project by making a gift today.

Please note, the Gaspee Project is not a charitable organization; as such, contributions are not tax deductible as charitable contributions.


Please note: The Gaspee Project is a 501(c)4 organization and all gifts are not tax-deductible. 

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