This Wednesday, June 10

at the rise of the Senate (4:30pm)

Senate Lounge - RI State House


This is the last hearing on anti-RhodeMap RI legislation. It is of utmost importance that we are ready to come out in numbers to protect our freedoms. The more people that come to these hearings, the clearer the message our elected officials will receive. Don't let the planners and the bureaucrats put your individual rights at risk.

The RI Division of Planning continues in their refusal to answer the central question:

Are their any new HUD liabilities imposed on

RI’s 39 municipalities under RhodeMap RI?

We believe there are.

RhodeMap RI is a ruse designed to endanger property rights in the Ocean State. The RhodeMap agenda will usurp the authority of local governments through HUD strings, and will radically reshape our state.

Do not be fooled.

It is imperative for you be at these hearings.

You can find more information here. We are ready!  Join us this Wednesday in a show of force against a plan that is meant to destroy our liberties. Thank you.

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