SaveUberRI: Sign The My Ride, My Way Petition


I believe that Rhode Island lawmakers should not kill our hassle-free ways to travel like UBER & lyft through the negative bill H8044. The Ocean State needs organic efficient solutions that create opportunity. Our communities deserve both prosperity and independence.

I am against the recent legislation that would limit convenient ride-sharing services like UBER and lyft that was heard in committee. Right now, this legislation is being considered by lawmakers; we can't allow them to kill the sharing economy. I want freedom from interference, so that I can live my life how I choose.

Rhode Island lawmakers should vote against bills like H8044 & S2065 that threaten the sharing economy. My elected lawmakers should show me the respect to allow me to have my ride, my way.

GOAL: 2,500 signatures

Will you sign?

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  • Clifford Ledoux